Q. Why do I need for an ICCC Phone Number?
A. There are two reasons:
  • To save you money on inmate calls.  By using our ICCC numbers, the distance is reduced to the shortest possible distance to the prison, in many cases local. Saving you up to 80% on each call.

  • To be able to use several phone lines to ring at the same time, because we can route your inmate calls to your Home phone, Cell phone or both.
  • To be able to receive calls from your inmate incarcerated in US into your Landline (outside US) for as long as you are living in the countries like Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands or United Kingdom. 

Q. What do you mean by Setup Fee included and how much is the SETUP FEE?
A. Setup Fee is cost $9.95 ($19.95 for International Calling) and the best thing is it's already included in your initial subscription fee (Not included for International Calls). So if for example you choose a monthly subscription, a Setup fee of $9.95 is already included in the $19.95 that you have paid initially and therefore your first actual month subscription is only $10.00 which is discounted right away by almost %50. Plus the more you increase your subscription period the more savings you will likely receive.
(Note: Setup fee shall not be part of any refund. See Refund Policy)

Q. What are our business hours?
A. We are open 9AM - 5PM EST, Monday thru Friday .   We are closed weekends and holidays.

Q. How long would it take to activate my local number?
A. It normally takes 24-48 hours to produce your personalized ICCC number because of the need to do extensive research to make sure to provide you a local or close to local number or a number that is as close to the facility where your inmate is located. Providing us with correct information up front allows us to supply your ICCC number faster.  Please ensure you provide us with ACCURATE information and full payment for the fastest service.
Q. If my inmate uses ICCC, will it violate the prison rules or policies?
A. Absolutely NOT. Just like regular phone system, when calls are made through our system, it will still pass through all the prison security system that were in placed. While we cannot change the phone system in place, we also do not violate any rules, regulations or procedures.  All prison rules and regulations are still in effect.
Q. Is your service allowed to be used at a Federal prison?
A. Yes of course.  We only provide a close to local phone number outside of the prison. When a Federal inmate uses this number, they still go through the prison's phone system and they still must put the number on their approved call list to be able to make calls. The difference is that future calls will use this new number and change their costs from around $4.50 per 15 minute call to around 90¢ per 15 minute call.  Please note, most federal prisons are located in very isolated areas.  It may not be possible to get the same prefix, but we guarantee we can save you money on each phone call from a local prison.
Q. What do you mean by "UNLIMITED MINUTES"?
A.  Since we don't charge for per minute call, you are allowed to talk to your inmate as much as you wish to the maximum minutes allowed by your facility without charging you by the minute, because we do not limit the talk time when using our ICCC phone line.  However, if your inmate is in a State or County Jail, you will likely have to establish a prepaid account with whoever their Prepaid Phone Provider is.   (You pay them for the calls- You pay us to make the calls at LOCAL or very close to local rate therefore a greater savings)  Some of the facility's Prepaid Phone Providers limit the talk time to only 15 mins, so if your facility do not limit their inmate's phone calls then you can use ICCC phone Number as long as you wish with no additional charges or per minute charges.  And therefore we guarantee the lowest possible cost per call.

Q. How much will I save if my calls are coming from a State/County prison, or a Local jail?
A. Since most of these calls will still need a pre-paid account with the phone provider associated with the jail (Global Tel*Link, ICSolutions, CBS, PCS, Pay Tel Com), it will really depend on what they charge for local calls versus long distance calls. The savings on prepaid accounts within the prison phone system are substantial.  Just to make a point, if an inmate is currently paying $4.50 to connect plus $0.88 per minute, then a 15 minute call would cost them $17.70. Now having an ICCC LOCAL number, a 15 min call would cost only $3.00 or less because there would be NO per minute charges for LONG DISTANCE. Click here for Estimated Rate Matrix.

Q. I already have my Home phone setup, can I still have my Cell phone as a second line so that calls will be routed to both my Home Phone and Cell phone?
A.  Yes you can.  There's a minimal payment of $10 per additional phone (per month)  line-to-connect for this service and it must be activated first before you may use it. All calls will then be routed to all your activated numbers-to-connect  whether to your Home phone PLUS your Cell phone PLUS  your other line if you wish for your own convenience. On some cases you can add up to four (4) phone lines to ring at the same time depending on your area. The good thing about routing to Cell phones is that your Cell phone Provider wont charge you for anything not even a penny.

Q. What do you mean by INTERNATIONAL CALLING Services?
A.  It means that if you have a loved one incarcerated anywhere in US and you are currently living in any of the countries like
Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands or United Kingdom then your inmate can already make calls directly to your Land line. The best part is that this is also packed with  UNLIMITED MINUTES (again up to the maximum MINUTES allowed by your inmate's facility) and NO MORE International per minute charges (Applicable for International LAND LINES Only). 

Q. How do I cancel the service?
A. Send us an email or call us at 888.925.7800 and let us know the name your account is listed under and when you would like to cancel or suspend your service.

Q. What is your policy for refund?

A.  Click here.

Q. How will I make sure the privacy of my information?

A. We do not share or sell your information with any one in any way. We consider the privacy of our subscribers and users to be our top concern and priority.


If you still have questions, call our Customer Service Hotline now and talk to one of our representatives.

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