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ICCommunications is not  a  call forwarding company.

1. Set up an account with Inmate Calls Connect and receive your  ICCC phone number to the correctional facility of your choice.

2. Provide a more local number given to you to share with the correctional facility's Pre-paid Phone Provider (Global Tel*Link, IC Solutions, Securus /CBS, PCS, Pay Tel Com, Etc.), You must have an account with them to receive any calls from your inmate (Except Federal - not necessary if the inmate being held in any Federal Facilities.)

3. Give the ICCC Number to your inmate, Your inmate registers the number, and then can dial that number  to call out from their Correctional Facility. Every time they call that number, your home phone or cell phone or both will ring.  Just answer them like the usual phone call and enjoy saving from 50%-80% GUARANTEED.

Because the number we provide will be local or close to a local number, your charge for the calls will be substantially less
(50-80% LESS on the average.)100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Click here for Estimated Call Rate Matrix.

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If you still have questions? email us at inmatecallsinfo@gmail.com  

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