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“You guys are great! I wish I had known you a long time ago.
 Being able to talk to my husband with this monthly low rate is an answered prayer. Before it was like $21.00 per 30 minute call. It was really a rip off! Then I found Inmate Calls Connect and the service is never been better.. A $19 per month is beautiful because it's cheaper than any other provider that I know of. I'll definitely recommend you to all...
- Miriam, CA -

“This is awesome!!!! I went from spending $18.70 for a 15 min call down to only $2.09!!!! I couldn't believe it! How did you guys do that? Thank you and please continue helping people like me.
- James, NJ -

"Thank you so so much, when I was subscribed in other local number provider it's like I was in a sinkhole.  What I didn't like about them was they still charge me for every call minute I make!! I am now thankful that a company like Inmate Calls Connect does exist... Thanks for pulling me out of that sinkhole. Keep it up!"
- Carlos, TX -  

"My name is Lakesha Jones I recently set up an account with you a few days ago. And I received the number 559-XXX-829X. I would like to thank you for your service. I actually didn’t believe that this type of service could work due to the fraud companies I delt with before. But you guys were very consistent with the email and returning my calls. My husband called me for the first time this morning on my new line and I am now able to start saving. I am well known on the website which is a site for references with people incarcerated. And women on there do not know about your service or company. Today I will be making a thread about your company and let the women know that you are great and fast. Thank you so much this will save me over $250.00 Per month. Since I was used to paying around $500.00-$700.00 thank you so much."
- Lakesha, CA -  

"Definetely the best service that you can have for Inmate Calling. They really mean what they say they are and they are Excellent in terms of Customer Service in fact they were able to help a lot of Inmates to get connected with their families, loved ones, relatives and friends with absolutely lesser cost because they know and value the importance of Time and Communications spent with their Families. Thanks to Inmate Calls Connect for being a good news for all the families who are experiencing hardships for having an incarcerated loved one."
- Sheryl, TN -  

"I believe Inmate Calls Connect is the cheapest local number provider for inmate calling. With their flat monthly rate of $19 and remarkable customer service that you cannot find from other company makes them the best solutions for inmate calling services. I will surely recommend them to all my friends who would like to have customer satisfaction above anything."
- John, TX -  

"Inmate Calls Connect is the best local number provider because they value their customers! They monitor their customers and their customers service representatives are so friendly and accommodating."
- Michelle, NY -  

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